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Advanced Module

The Food Workshop

"The techniques I will share with you have been developed over the past thirty years, as one of the world's top food photographers, and if they worked for me, they should also work for you..." George Seper

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction to The Food Workshop

    The Essentials

    The Food

    The Props & Styling





    How to Choose the Correct Lens

    Selecting the Correct Camera Angle

    To Macro or Not to Macro?

    Composing a Food Photograph

    Advertising Shoot Sequence One – Vogue

    Pitfalls When Encountering the Gutter

    Advertising Shoot Sequence Two – Wild Turkey

    Lighting Food


    What is So Wrong with Front Lighting?

  • Lighting Methods

    Window Light


    When to Shoot with Daylight

    When Not to Use Daylight

    Shooting Food Outdoors

    Basics of Lighting with Artificial Light

    Mixing Daylight & Artificial Light

    Essential Studio Food Photography Equipment

    Photographing Difficult Food



    Stews, Casseroles & Curries

    Ice Cream

    Chocolate & Dark Food

    Combining People & Food

    The Photographic Team

    The Client

  • The Art Director or Editor

    The Producer

    The Cook

    The Food Stylist

    The Photo Assistant

    The Photographer

    Avoiding Things That Can Go Wrong



    Prop Failure

    Job Cancellation

    Photographing Food for Magazines

    Photographing Cookbooks

    Photographing Food for Advertising

    Photographing Food for Restaurants & Events

    Photographing Food for Image Libraries

    More Image Libraries

Advanced Module

Wedding Photography

Follow your dream of becoming a successful wedding photographer! Join Stephen Power on an incredible venture through the wonderful world of wedding photography. Learn how you can become one of the best & most sought after photographers in this challenging, yet highly rewarding field.

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction to Successful Wedding Photography

    The Role of the Wedding Photographer

    The Challenges

    Is it for You?

    The Necessary Equipment

    Choosing the Camera

    Camera Features

    Build & Weather-Sealing

    Burst Rates

    Auto Focus

    Dual Memory Card Slots

    Auto Bracketing

    Spot Metering

    Video Recording


    Wide Angle to Medium Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Medium to Long Telephoto Zoom Lens

    85mm “Portrait” Prime Lens

    100mm Macro Prime Lens

    50mm “Normal” Prime Lens

    20mm Wide Angle Prime Lens


    On-Camera Flash Units

    Hand Held Light Meter

    Battery Pack


  • Reflectors

    Step Ladder

    Second Photographer

    Wedding Photography Styles

    Formal Style

    Informal Style

    Editorial Style

    Finding the Location

    Booking a Shooting Slot

    Planning the Shoot

    Eclectic Style

    Essential Skills – Off Camera

    People Skills

    Business Skills

    Formal Agreement

    Marketing Skills

    Pricing Structures


    Planning & Organisational Skills

    Record Keeping & Time-Management

    Pre-Shoot Planning

    Essential Skills – On Camera

    Know Your Equipment

    Take Control of Your Camera

    My Exposure Mode Strategy


  • Setting the ISO

    Choosing the Focal Length of the Lens

    Using Flash Lighting

    Understanding Depth of Field

    Careful Composition

    What to Shoot – Where & When

    The Bride’s Preparation

    The Groom & His Groomsmen

    The Bridesmaids

    The Arrival of the Bride

    The Wedding Ceremony

    Following the Ceremony

    Group Photographs

    Bride & Groom Portraits

    The Reception

    Trash the Dress

    Image File Types & Software

    Basic Image Processing

    Presenting the Images


    Images on Disc Only

    Coffee Table Photo Books

    Traditional Wedding Albums

    Additional Image Sales

Advanced Module

Perfect Portraiture

Learn the secrets to producing perfect portraiture photography! In this comprehensive module, Stephen Power shares his knowledge from over 28 years’ of experience on how to master different areas of portrait photography – including social, corporate & publicity as well as working with adults, newborns, children & families.

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction to Perfect Portraiture

    Portrait Photography Principles

    What is a Portrait?

    Portrait or Snap?

    Portrait Lengths

    Head & Shoulders


    Three-Quarter Length

    Full Length

    Why Take Portraits?

    Social Portraits

    Editorial Portraiture

    The Environmental Portrait

    Corporate & Industrial Portraits

    Publicity Portraits

    Portrait Composition Principles

    Make a Recognizable Image

    Keep Eyes Sharp

    Put Eyes at Eye Level

    Keep Limbs Intact

    Avoid Intrusive Objects

    People Go Up – Not Across

    Fill the Frame

    The Rule of Thirds

    Space to Look Into

    Natural Frames

    The Necessary Portrait Equipment

    Cameras, Lenses, Lighting & Accessories

    Choosing the Camera

  • Camera Features

    Precise Focusing

    Spot Metering

    Auto Bracketing

    Tough Shell


    85mm Prime Lens

    Medium to Long Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Wide Angle to Medium Telephoto Zoom Lens

    50mm Prime Lens

    Camera Accessories

    Battery Pack

    Tripod & Monopod

    Lighting Sources

    Natural Light

    Studio Flash Units

    Continuous Lighting

    On-Camera Flash Units

    Lighting Accessories

    Softboxes & Brollies

    Snoots & Barn Doors

    Panel Reflectors

    Ambient Light & Flash Light Meters

    Essential Skills on Camera

    Take Control of Your Equipment

    Exposure for Portraits

    Exposure Compensation

    Exposing for Daylight

    Exposing for Continuous Light

  • Exposing for Studio light

    Focusing for Portraits

    How to use Light

    Daylight – Outdoors

    Augmented Daylight – Outdoors

    Daylight – Indoors

    Simple Studio Lighting With Diagrams

    Low Key Lighting

    High Key Lighting

    Specialist Portraiture

    Photographing Newborn Babies

    Keep It Soft & Simple

    The Contrasting View

    Show Some Support

    Photographing Children

    One Eye Line Only

    Get Down & Work Fast

    Avoid Scary Things

    Comfort Blankets & Toys

    Keep Photographing

    Photographing Families

    Break It Down For Extra Sales

    A Perfectly Composed Family

    The Family Connection

    Post Production

    Image File Types & Software

    Basic Development Processes

Advanced Module

Landscapes and Travel Photography

Master the art of capturing breathtaking landscapes & travel images! Our Advanced Module will take you on a trip around the world with Francesco Carovillano covering everything you need to know about creating amazing imagery that will sell and provide you with lifelong memories. You will learn the secrets of composing and picking the best subjects, as well as how to plan and set up your shoots in the right places and best times of day to take advantage of landmarks, activities, changing weather and available equipment

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction

    From Animation to Photography

    Essential Equipment




    Tripod and ball head

    Cable Shutter Release

    Leveling Tools


    Polarizing Filter

    Graduated Neutral Density Filter

    HDR VS Filters

    My Gear

    Our Artistic Heritage

    Planning a Travel & Landscape Photography Trip

    In the Field

    Types of Lighting

    Direction of Light

    Front Lighting

  • Back lighting

    Side lighting

    Quality of Light






    Poor Light

    Spot Lighting

    Types of Landscapes

    Coastal Cliff Tops


    Hills and Mountains

    Forest & Woodland Interiors

    Lakes (Still Water) & Reflections

    Types of Travel Opportunities

    Visiting City lookouts

    Visiting a Famous Tourist’s Attraction

    Exploring a Scenic Drive, Cycling Path or Hiking Trail

    Attending a Traditional Festival

    Visiting a Museum

  • Photographing Restaurants and Cafes

    Photographing the Everyday

    Constructing the Image

    Landscape Photography Composition Analysis

    Carrasqueira, Portugal

    Val D’ Orcia, Italy

    De Helper Windmill, The Netherlands

    Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

    Travel Photography Composition Analysis

    Keukenhof Garden, Lisse, The Netherlands

    The Louvre, Paris, France

    San Gimignano, Italy

    Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


    Finding Inspiration and Developing a Personal Style

    My Style


    Selling Photographs

    Words of Conclusion

    Landscape & Travel Assignment

    Part A: Landscape Photography

    Part B: Travel Photography

    Part C: Travel Photography, focusing on hospitality.

Advanced Module

DSLR Cinematography

This Module welcomes you to the world of moving pictures! Author, film maker Rory Hinds, has over 20 years of writing, directing, producing & cinematography experience creating feature films, television, documentaries & music videos. Learn the skills & techniques for creating cinematography magic with your DSLR with his comprehensive module.

Cost $199.00

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  • About the Author: Rory Hinds

    Introduction to DSLR Cinematography

    Photography vs. Cinematography

    Capturing the Moment






    Matte box


    Pulling Focus

    Prime vs. Zoom Lenses

    F/Stops vs. T/Stops

    Hold it, Grip it, Push it


    Panning & Tilting

  • Tripod Legs / Sticks

    Baby, Standards & Mono

    Hi Hat


    Skater Dolly

    Jibs & Cranes

    Dolly & Tracks

    Wheelchair Dolly




    Grip Summary


    Florescent Lights

    Fresnel Lights

    Barn Doors

    Bouncing Light

  • Flags


    LED Lighting

    Digital Sensors, Color Temperature & Noise

    Interlaced vs. Progressive

    Compressed vs. Raw

    Record Times

    Color Science & the Gamut

    Working with Data

    Framing & Composure

    Rolling Shutter

    Long Exposures & Time lapses

    Sound Recording

    Post Production


    Visual Effects & Color Grading

    Distribution & Broadcast

Advanced Module

Setting up a website

Create a professional & visually stunning website yourself! The author, Jason Marty, has years of experience in web & graphic design and has shared his expertise in an easy to follow guide to getting your work seen online.

Cost $199.00

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  • About the Author: Jason Marty

    Introduction to Setting Up Your Own Website

    Understanding Domain Names

    What is a Domain Name?

    Choosing the Right Domain Name for You

    Why Does a Domain Name Have to Be Registered?

    How Does a Domain Name Work?

    Understanding Hosting

    Registering Your Domain Name & Buying Hosting

    Scenario 1: You Require a Domain Name & Hosting

    Scenario 2: You Have a Domain Name & Buying Hosting

    Scenario 3: You Already Have a Domain Name & Hosting

    Domain Name Delegation

  • Installing WordPress

    Download WordPress

    Uploading WordPress to Your Server via FTP

    Setting Up the Database

    Completing the WordPress Installation

    Building Your Website – Part A

    Plan Your Website

    Prepare Your Content

    Build Your Website

    Building Your Website – Part A Check

    Building Your Website – Part B

    Prepare Your Content

    Build Your Website

  • Building Your Website – Part B Check

    WordPress Admin Reference

    The WordPress Admin Area

    Admin Toolbar

    Posts & Pages

    Post & Page Content Areas







Advanced Module

Sports & Entertainment Photography

Stephen Power shows you how to apply and improve your skills in the pursuit of action packed and exciting imagery. Exploring in-depth case studies and a pragmatic assignment, this module paves the way to another key industry in photography.

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction to Sports & Entertainment Photography

    Essential Equipment

    Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

    Useful Features

    High Burst Rates

    Dual Memory Card Slots

    Build and Weather-Sealing

    Auto Focus

    Spot Metering

    Choosing the Lens

    Wide Angle to Medium Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Medium to Long Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Long Telephoto Zoom Lens

    Essential Accessories

    The Tripod

    The Monopod

    Wireless Shutter Release

    Image Stabilization

    Protective Lens & Camera Covers

    Case Study One: Newspaper Sports Shoot

    One Camera, One Lens

    Reporter’s Note Book

    The Five W’s & One H

    The Key Shot

  • Adding Colour

    Portraits of the Competitors

    Associated Personnel

    The Crowd

    Essential Camera Skills

    Reasons for the Rejection Slip

    Learn the Rules

    Hand Holding a Camera

    Focusing a Camera

    One Shot

    AI Servo (Continuous Focusing)

    AI Focus

    Back Button Focus (BBF)

    Using Manual Focus Mode

    Choosing the ISO

    Setting the White Balance

    Using the Right Exposure Mode

    Getting an Accurate Exposure Reading

    Selecting the Shutter Speed

    Panning with the Action

    Case Study Two: Music Book Project

    Having an Idea

    Finding Financial Backing

    Writing the Proposal

  • Timing it Right

    Meeting the Publisher

    Preparing for Changes

    The Photography

    Studio & Location Instrument Images

    Portraits of Musicians

    Environmental Portraits of Instrument Makers

    Live Performance Images

    Launching the Book

    Selling Sports & Entertainment Photographs

    Tomorrow the World

    Join the Club

    PI Student Theatre Photographer

    Work your Way Up

    PI Graduate Music Photographer

    Prepare your Portfolio

    Get a Press Pass

    Magazines, Newspapers & Websites

    Stock Image Libraries

    A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

    Appendix: Book Proposal Outline

    Book Proposal Outline

Advanced Module

Wildlife Photography

In this Advanced module renowned wildlife photographer and tour leader Etienne Oosthuizen takes you on an incredible wildlife safari. Learn to capture magical images of animals in their natural habitats by balancing subject with their environments, creating stories and conveying atmosphere through composition and time of day. Etienne shares a wealth of experience to help you capture incredible images all over the globe.

Cost $199.00

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  • Introduction to Wildlife Photography

    Photographic Equipment: The essentials

    Requirements of a Wildlife Camera

    Principal Advantages:

    Is a Second Body Necessary?

    Lenses for Wildlife Photography

    Essential Accessories

    Essential Skills for Wildlife Photography

    Practical Understanding of Exposure

    Auto Exposure (AE) Lock

    Grass, the Natural 18% Grey Card

    Understanding & Working with Natural Light

    The Light Protractor

    Midday Light

    Teatime Light (Mid morning or mid Afternoon)

    The Golden Hours


    Low Contrast Light

    How to take advantage of Light Direction

    Front Lighting

    Side Lighting

    Back Lighting


    Artificial Light & Flash photography

    Fill Light

    Imagining Images

    The Slightest Expression is Everything

  • Avoid Camera Shake

    Composition & Creativity

    Composing Wildlife Photographs

    Rule of Thirds

    Rule of Odds (three)

    Golden Triangle

    Leading Lines

    Diagonal Lines

    Natural Frames

    Center Eye Dominance

    Patterns & Repetition

    Isolate the Figure from the Background

    Symmetry & Reflections

    Negative Space & Simplification

    How to Practice Photography

    Types of Images in Wildlife Photography

    Wildlife Portraits

    Full Body Portraits

    Frame-filling Portraits

    Environmental Portraits



    Creativity in Wildlife Photography

    Depth of a Photograph

    Creative Shutter Speed

    Freezing Time by Shooting with a Fast Shutter

    Handholding a Telephoto Lens

  • Slow-moving Subjects

    Fast-moving Subjects

    Blurring Time, Slow Shutter Speeds

    Useful Slow Shutter Speeds

    Eye-level Photography

    Researching & Understanding Animal Behavior

    Creatures of Habit

    Photographic Guides, Safaris & tours

    Dedicated Photographic Tours & Safaris

    Private Photographic Guides

    Ethics of Wildlife Photography

    Image Processing & Workflow


    Image Editing & Processing

    Basic Wildlife Processing in Lightroom

    Basic Edits

    Non-destructive Editing

    Selling Wildlife Photographs

    Your Portfolio

    Getting Noticed & Published

    Learn to Write

    Wildlife Stock Photography

    What is Stock?

    Selling Photography & Fine Art Prints

    Photography Competitions

    Things to be aware of

    Local Wildlife Magazine Photography Competitions

    International Wildlife Competitions

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media for Photographers

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media for Photographers

Are you dreaming about starting your own photography business? Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a business full-time. Maybe you’ve just started your business but need a bit of a boost to take it to the next level. Wherever you are in the process of starting your own business, this Advanced Module is for you!

Cost $199.00

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  • About The Authors

    Starting Your Own Business

    Business Plan

    Executive Summary

    Your Business Overview

    Business Environment And Competition

    Sales And Marketing

    Financial Plan

    Setting Up Your Business

    Business Structure

    Business And Domain Names


    Developing An Aesthetic

    Branding My Business - Where Do I Begin?

    Planning Your Website

    Home Page

    About Page

    Portfolio Page

    Services Page

    Press Page

    Contact Page


  • Blog

    Content Creation For Your Website & Blog

    Writing - Message, Style, Grammar And Tone


    Social Media

    Your Personal Brand

    Creating Your Overall ‘Look’

    Choosing The Right Platforms







    Integrating Social Media On Your Website

    Social Media Marketing

    The Importance Of Scheduling & Planning

    Monitoring And Momentum

    Brainstorming And Streamlining

    Engage Your Audience

  • Collaborating With Other Brands

    Media Kit

    Traditional Marketing

    Why Should I Use Different Types Of Marketing?

    What Are The Different Types Of Marketing?

    Advertising And Direct Mail


    Business Cards

    Cross Promotion And Referrals

    Increasing Visibility


    Page Titles




    What Is E-Marketing?

    Money Matters And Financial Health

    How Much Will I Charge?

    Will I Need An Office, Staff, And What Equipment?

    Financial Health - How Do I Know If My Business Is A Success?