Holly Ireland


I came into this course knowing only to shoot on Auto now I never use Auto. After learning so much and doing the amazing assignments I feel so much more confident to pursue my career.

My tutor was honest and supportive and that was invaluable information to receive!! I am off to pursue my career as a dance Photographer. Now I just need to practice like crazy what I have learned!!

Last week I did my first job of taking photos of a local dance school's Nutcracker and I actually sold 44 pictures. I can't believe I have already made some money!! What an amazing thing to do what you love and get paid for it!!

Thanks The Photography Institute!


Carlos J Meyer


Finding The Photography Institute among many others was a blessing. It was clear from the beginning that it was going to shine a light in the updated digital world of photography and illustrate the makeup of the industry at a professional level.

It was a lot of fun to complete the assignments and gradually discover the great potential of my camera and the huge range of possibilities in the computer lab. The honest, realistic and many times amusing writing in the course modules kept it light and interesting to the point that once I started a module I could not put it down until it was over. I awaited the grading of my assignments like a kid!

Besides the links to industry information provided in the lessons, the photography done by the PI tutors is absolutely stunning and shows the level of expertise that the course expects the students to live by and produce later in their careers or amateur work.

The course has given me a realistic confidence and knowledge base to start producing professional quality photography. This has allowed me to get a position in a web based publication in which I continuously post articles and images of my area of expertise which is photography and architecture.

Furthermore, this course has helped me in my own professional aspirations and marketing and it has given me a good perspective into other fields of the photography profession I would not have dreamed to survive in. This is all due to the clear and honest experience that George Seper has embedded into the lessons.

I hope there will be more courses to come and wish you all the best light for all of your photos!

Thank you PI!

Peg Ropner

Salt Lake City

The Photography Institute offered me the chance to realize a goal and dream that I have had since I was a little girl, to become a Photographer.

Without exception my tutor through this course has been by my side and willing to answer and help me in any way he could to bring my dream to realization. The information held in the course has been invaluable, teaching me the technical areas that I would otherwise never have learnt.

My work was always critiqued in a non threatening way. My tutor and the support team were always very professional and helpful.

The course has been challenging and it has been a joy to work through each module. It was exciting to wait for each of my assignments to be graded. I have been thrilled with the professionalism and the ease of taking this online course.

Thank you very much for helping me to realize my dream. A very special thank you to my tutor, for which I would not have been able to complete this course, you have been a star.

Mary D. Peña

Orange Park

Photography had been a hobby of mine for years before I took the course. I was self taught and found myself limited by a lack of technical knowledge. Very often I would have a picture in my head that I wanted to create, but I did not know how to manipulate my camera to make it happen! This was frustrating.

After completing just a few modules, I was so excited to find that I was able to make my camera do things I hadn't been able to before. My pictures on the screen started to reflect the ones I imagined. It was so much fun! The course was organized in such a way that I learned the basics first and built upon them with each subsequent module.

After just 8 modules, I felt confident enough to photograph a friend's wedding solo. I never would have had the confidence to do that before, but I felt that the modules prepared me for any type of lighting/scene scenario I would encounter. They did, and the photos turned out great!

As an active duty officer in the United States Navy, I loved the flexibility of studying online. The Photography Institute worked with me to meet my unique scheduling needs, even giving me extra time to complete the course when my military obligations required me to put my studies on hold.

Right now, photography is just a passionate hobby of mine. When I get out of the Navy, I hope to make a go of it professionally! I truly believe The Photography Institute gave me the technical skills I needed to go from a serious hobbyist to a professional.

Janel K. Semonasky


I was searching the internet, looking for a class in my area to help me learn more about photography, when I came across "The Photography Institute". It was perfect for me! I could stay in the comfort of my own home and work on each module as time allowed. I decided to take the plunge!

I am extremely glad that I did! This course is very well put together. It gives you an understanding of every aspect of photography, from learning how the camera works to how to starting your photography career. George Seper shares his knowledge that he has gained from being a very successful Photographer.

There were times that I had questions on a module and I always got a quick, detailed response. When my tutor scored my assignments, I always greatly appreciated the honest reply and advice that was given. Student support is terrific, as was the new Facebook group! It gives you the opportunity to have discussions with fellow students that are taking the same course as you and also share some of the images that they have taken along the way. The course is very motivational, and has given me confidence in knowing I can produce professional quality photos for my clients.

I would like to say "Thank You" to George Seper, my Tutor, and everyone on the discussion board for all of your advice and help!! This course has been a great experience.

Best of wishes to you all.

Desirah Cowans


Having a strong passion for photography, I wanted to learn everything there was to know about it. On the hunt for more knowledge I found The Photography Institute. The Photography Institute has helped push me in the direction of wanting to turn my passion for photography into a career choice and a way of life.

Each module and assignment gives you incredible information that you will no doubt carry on with you in your journey of photography. The tutors along with student support are great in helping support you in answering any questions or concerns you may have. They will also critique your work keeping your head up so you can keep improving with each and every picture you take!

I’ve just loved this course!! I now have more confidence than ever to get out there and start my career! I have portrait shoots and weddings lined up!

Thank you George Seper for sharing your valuable information and life lessons in this course! And a special thanks to my tutor, who was by my side ready to answer any question I had!!

Again, thank you The Photography Institute!

Peter Le


At first I thought the camera exposed the scene perfectly, but since completing this course I now find that my pictures are much more correctly exposed.

Thank you George Seper and his team!

I feel a lot more confident about entering the wedding photography business. At first I was afraid at not having the optimum exposure for a wedding shoot and that my photos would not look as good as others who have taken pictures at a wedding for a long time, but now I can be sure that my shots are up to par, if not better than theirs!

I liked how timely the responses were with my tutor. My tutor was also very critical about my photos, which helped me improve even more. The course has made me think a lot more when I take my shots.

Thank you again George Seper and his team.

Tracey L. Fuller


I used to just take pictures but now I have a purpose for taking them and know what it takes to take a great photo.

This course has taught me so much about the technical side of photography, which previously was foreign to me. I now know how to set my camera up in order to achieve the best lighting and results.

I found the course to also be very hands on with the practical assignments which I enjoyed immensely. Learning about the business side of photography was fantastic too.

After taking this photography course with The Photography Institute I am now a professional Photographer. One who knows and understands the craft and gets paid for it.

I no longer just take pictures, but can really express myself through my work. I am a real Photographer thanks to The Photography Insitute...

Gayle Patricia Sliva


Coming into my photography education, I knew what I needed to learn and The Photography Institute offered an outline of topics that was right in line with what I needed.

Learning from home online was a big bonus since I work 60 hours a week! I could have spent years trying to learn the same information at our local college, but saved myself a lot of time by getting to the meat of the matter with The Photography Institute's well thought-out modules.

Having an experienced professional Photographer tutor me and provide valuable feedback was the most valuable asset The Photography Institute provided! I would not have been able to obtain this one on one experience by simply buying photography books to educate myself!

I especially appreciated that The Photography Institute isn't just focused on teaching the art of photography like most books, but there is a lot of science and business discussed as well.

This course is designed to help people find their niche within the photography field and start making money using the knowledge they gain...

Richard L. Higgins


I want to deeply thank The Photography Institute and George Seper for helping me achieve a high level of knowledge in photography. Prior to taking The Professional Photography Course at The Photography Institute, I completed a professional photography course at New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) and have determined that there's no comparison.

This course is far superior to the course offered by NYIP. I only wish that I could have taken this course 35 years ago, and then I would have become a professional Photographer and not have studied for 9 years to get a doctorate in physics.

The course layout is excellent in that not only do you learn a great deal about photography but also the business side of the industry. It helps you understand what you're up against if you decide to pursue photography as a professional career.

The prompt feedback you receive from your tutor is invaluable. They give clear and precise feedback and advice as you progress through each module.

The flexible online learning course was perfect for me, working full time as a consultant and travelling regularly around the country.

Overall, the course has given me the knowledge, drive and confidence I need to succeed and I can't say thank you enough! Becoming a great Photographer will always continue to be a learning curve for me but having taken this course I know I will succeed.

I am extremely grateful to George and the Support Team at The Photography Institute for helping me reach my goals and start a new career in professional photography...

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This has been such an eye opening…

This has been such an eye opening experience! The course is outlined very well, student supprt was so easy to...

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An outstanding photography course

An outstanding photography course, it starts with the basics and teaches the importance of light zones and how to improve...

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  • Monday 27 August 2018 at 01:37

It has been so enlightening!

It has been so enlightening!! My Mentor, Steven Vote has been amazing! So glad I have started this program!!

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Awesome experience

I enjoyed every bit of the school. I learned all sorts of new things about the world of photography, taking...

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Your photography course is excellent

Your photography course is excellent. I was always interested in photography as a hobby, was not able to obtain the...

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Amazing photography course!

I´m very happy with my learning experience through "The Photography Institute", i have learnt a lot of photographic techniques and...

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What can I say about this wonderful…

What can I say about this wonderful school? Not too long ago, here is where my photography journey began! As many...

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Best Photogrpahy School!

This school was and is such an incredible experience! It has taught me so very much on photography but also...

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Well written and administerd course.

The contents of the course was very good, introducing me to all the concepts of photography. The language was easy...

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  • Wednesday 31 January 2018 at 16:57

I loved this company..

I loved this company... they were always there to answer any questions i had.. it was all straight forward no...

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  • Friday 05 January 2018 at 00:11

Excellent way to get my career started

Excellent way to get my career started, my tutor David was amazing and helpful, I would definitely recommend this course...

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  • Tuesday 12 December 2017 at 19:06

Fantastic course!

Fantastic course!This course gave me tremendous photography skills and knowledge!Highly recommend!!

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Great experience

I had a great experience taking this course. It was fun to read the modules and do the assignments. It...

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The Photography Institute offers a comprehensive course of study.

The Photography Institute offers a comprehensive course of study with professionals working in the field to assist you along the...

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This was a great course with an amazing …

This was a great course with an amazing tutor, David and the student support was great. I learned quite a...